Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Cooling temps prompt an overnight trip to Enchanted Rock outside Fredericksburg

I took a short trek toward the Fredericksburg area earlier this week to check out Enchanted Rock. When researching possible camping spots around the Texas Hill Country, this place always seems to come up in the discussion.

And rightly so. A very unique outcrop of rock that sits in the middle of central Texas, surrounded by lots of wildlife and the natural beauty of the outdoors. There are several trails available to hike with varying lengths and levels of difficulty.

I chose the Summit Trail, which puts you right on top of the giant rock.

Your vantage point up there is spectacular, with a 360-degree view of the Texas landscape as far as the eye can see. I reached the top, took a few moments to look around a bit, and then headed back down to the camping area.

I picked site 23 of the walk-in camping area without ever having seen the place other than photos, and I was happy with the location. Plently of shade overhead all around the the campsite, with a fire pit and picnic table just to the right of my chair. I sat in that chair for hours as the sun went down and watched my campfire after dinner.

Thanks to several Youtube instructional videos, I found lighting and maintaining the fire easy and exhilerating. They sell bundles of wood for $6 at the gift shop, but I located plently of extra wood all around the site.

I chilled out until the fire was nothing but embers, and then retired to my tent to curl up in a sleeping bag because it sure does get chilly out there late at night. Bring extra blankets!

The temperature outside was finally cool enough for me to book an evening like this. The comfortable months in Texas are finally upon us. Camping is a good experience, but going alone isn't the best. If you've never been, you should plan a trip to Enchanted Rock. Schedule with the website ahead of time, as the campsites fill up several weeks in advance on weekends. I found booking an evening during the week quite easy. I'll likely meander that way for another visit someday.