Saturday, May 15, 2021

COVID-19 antibody test results are back, and positive

The lab has posted the results of my COVID-19 antibody test following vaccination. I do have the antibodies in my blood, and I'm now ready to face the world without a mask or concern I might contract the virus.

I actually went back to the clinic for a second blood draw this past week, as the results of my first test showed very low levels or an inconclusive result.

This second blood sample produced a score of 10.70. Anything over .80 is considered a positive result, and I appear to be considerably over that level. I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 7. It sure looks like the vaccine works. Run out and get a shot today if you haven't already. All the cool people are doing it.

Thanks again to the folks at the Prestige Wellness - Oak Hills Clinic in the South Texas Medical Center. They were extremely pleasant and informative during my visits, and I appreciate what you all are doing to help fight the virus.

Friday, April 23, 2021

A vial of my blood now belongs to the scientists studying the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

When I rececived my vaccination weeks ago, I volunteered to return for an antibody test. This will determine how the vaccine is impacting my body's ability to fight the virus.

I visited the same clinic in San Antonio's South Texas Medical Center yesterday afternoon for a blood draw. The clinic will forward my blood to a lab which will have my results in about a week. I'll share the results here once I receive them.

I'll mention again that I received the vaccine more than 14 days ago, with no recognizable negative side effects. I was a little sore for about a day at the place on my arm where the needle went in, but other than that I've felt great.

If you are one of the folks apprehensive about getting vaccinated against COVID-19, relax and go get the shot(s). As a physician from New York University aptly stated shortly after the J&J pause began, statistically you're more likely to get blood clots from acquiring COVID-19 than from receiving any vaccination.

Let's see if the results I receive indicate the vaccine is having its intended impact on my immune system, or if it sheds any light on whether I've even had the virus already during the pandemic.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Fully vaccinated and looking forward to throwing my goofy mask in a trash can

Thanks to our friends in the South Texas Medical Center, I have now joined the one-in-four Americans fully vacinated against the deadly COVID-19 scourge.

I received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine yesterday afternoon at 5282 Medical Drive, Suite 160. That vaccine only requires one shot. It was painless and simple, and as far as I can tell has absolutely no side effects. I felt healthier within minutes.

Am I going to get Coronavius now? No way! That silly stuff may crawl around on my hands or my nose, and may even get into my lungs, but the evil microbe has been rendered powerless by the dedicated scientists and health care professionals working with the Johnson & Johnson company.

If you're having a difficult time finding an appointment to receive the vaccine, don't rely on one or two locations. For weeks, I checked the same locations and kept receiving a "no appointments available" notification.

Instead, go to and simply enter your zip code. They will give you list of locations in your area that have the vaccine in stock, and you can make your appointment online.

Let's all get vaccinated so we can finally throw these goofy masks in a trash can, once and for all.

By the way, if you haven't had a chance to check out my incredibly important "Ponderings During the Pandemic" podcast, I encourge you to do so right now. I'll place part one below, but you can find links to all three instalments under the video.

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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Do you side with the sweet flying doggies, or do you side with the scumbags?

If you've ever thought, Things won't start improving in America until dogs fly, we might be closer than you think.

While a great number of demons have manifested and shown themselves as worthy advisaries in recent days, the future of our country will not rest in the hands of terrorists and maggots.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or a great doggy rising crumpled and broken from its uncomfortable landing spot on a concrete parking lot, America will rise and rise again.

Scumbags will not define us, and they will not get the last word. They might threaten retaliation. They might claim they're lucky because our laws often protect the wrong people. But who gives a shit? America doesn't negotiate with scumbags and terrorists, and we surely don't give rat's ass what they think.

They're finished, without a hope and without a future, unless they get right with God (or they get the hell out of Dodge).

And for any sweet doggies that might have endured a difficult time in the past days, we extend our love and hope that all dogs truly do go to Heaven.

I look forward to petting you there, sweet flying doggie.