Sunday, January 31, 2021

Do you side with the sweet flying doggies, or do you side with the scumbags?

If you've ever thought, Things won't start improving in America until dogs fly, we might be closer than you think.

While a great number of demons have manifested and shown themselves as worthy advisaries in recent days, the future of our country will not rest in the hands of terrorists and maggots.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or a great doggy rising crumpled and broken from its uncomfortable landing spot on a concrete parking lot, America will rise and rise again.

Scumbags will not define us, and they will not get the last word. They might threaten retaliation. They might claim they're lucky because our laws often protect the wrong people. But who gives a shit? America doesn't negotiate with scumbags and terrorists, and we surely don't give rat's ass what they think.

They're finished, without a hope and without a future, unless they get right with God (or they get the hell out of Dodge).

And for any sweet doggies that might have endured a difficult time in the past days, we extend our love and hope that all dogs truly do go to Heaven.

I look forward to petting you there, sweet flying doggie.

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